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Questions Status Concept in the Answering Process
During answering process questions can have different statuses.
Question has been answered. Only the latest answer is considered as valid.
Question has been answered and the answering process is closed. No more new answers. You can only close an answered question.
Question approver has checked the questions and considered the answer as correct. You can only approve a closed question.
Question will not be considered for matching. It is used to drop old, irrelevant questions from suggestion list.
Quality Controlled
Question is quality checked. Each question can be assigned to a user with the right skills for a quality check.
User roles
Jinbox has three user roles that are Basic User, Manager and Administrator.
Basic User
Basic user have right to see any content but can only add/modify those which are explicitly assigned to them by Managers/Administrators.
Managers have the right to create sales processes (e.g., RFI creation) and manage their content.
Administrators have the right to add/modify/delete any content in the system.
Top navigation
Top navigation is composed of News bar, Events and Messages (Chat) link.
News bar
Show the latest five news messages posted. You can click on specific news to read the whole content.
List of system activities of the user, who is logged in
All chat messages. In order to send a chat message to a specific user, go to his/her profile and click on Send message
Main menu
Main menu contains links to main components of the system.
Dashboard showing main activities of the system.
List of all Collections in the system
New Collection
Menu to create a new Collection. Only relevant to users with Manager role.
List of all users in the system
List of all news updates.
List of all global files uploaded to the system. It will also show the indexed 3rd party files from external locations.
List of all accounts (prospect customers) in the system.
List of questions which needs to be checked and approved for quality maintenance. Only relevant for users with Administrator role.
Global search input
Here you can search for any kind of knowledge in all documents of the repository

How to create an account?

Click on New Account on Accounts page from Main Menu then precise an Account name and optional data such as address and phone number. You can designate a manager for that account. The manager will then have rights to update the account information.

How to create an Collection?

Click on New Collection on Main Menu. Select an account for which you want to create a new Collection. If it is for a new account, click on the underline link to be redirected to New Account page.

How to import questions from spreadsheet (xlsx) file?

In the Collection page click on Import link and browse for the .xlsx file you want to import questions from. The answers can be defined as simple text, textarea, select list or radio buttons. For select lists and radio buttons it's necessary to define the options. For each worksheet define columns for category, question, tags and answers. System will automatically assign imported questions based on either username or skill. If a user with given username is found then the question is directly assigned to that user. Otherwise the system will consider skill column and assign the question to a user with corresponding skill. Once the selection process is over you can Save and Import questions to the system.

How to import questions from document (docx) file?

In the Collection page click on Import link and browse for the .docx file you want to import questions from. Considerations during Word document import:
  • Shapes are not supported.
  • Question tags, categories and description should precede the question (body) in the document.
  • Depending if you right click on paragraph or a table cell you will have different menus:

    Paragraph menu

    Table cell menu
  • You can mark table cells as separate questions or mark the whole table as a part of the question. There is no UNDO function, therefore be careful when marking tables as a part of question.
  • You can mark images as part of question or question description.
  • The answers will be placed just after each question.
Once the selection process is over you can Save and Import questions to the system.

How to answer assigned questions?

Collections containing questions assigned to you can be found on the Home Page dashboard. Select Collection and start answering questions. System will propose suggestions to answer the question. If the question is similar you can paste the answer to your answer form and edit it to finalize your answer. Once the answer is ready you can save and close it before moving to the next pending question. The system matches questions with questions. Perfect matches are marked with a long light green line. Additional suggestions contain good matches of your questions with content of additional documents like factsheets or module descriptions. You can filter suggestion list by different parameters such as version.

How to quality control answers?

The questions assigned to you for quality control can be found on the home page dashboard or go to your profile and they are listed under "Pending Questions for Quality Control".

How to check Collection answering progress?

Click on small green icon Statistics in front of a Collection you want to check progress.

How to export finished Collection to original file?

Once the answering process is finished you can export the answers to the file (docx, xlsx) from which the questions were originally imported. To process, click on Export link and select the text format options for answers. The new file including answers will be ready to download.


Questions listed in Maintenance list are Answered, Closed but not yet quality controlled. The list shows all questions (from all Collections) in the repository.